Further Reading…

If More Than Arshavin has not succeeded in quenching your thirst for knowledge of the Russian game, here is a short list of a few other sites which may be of interest to you. I contribute to some of these and not others, but the list is in no order and by no means definitive. If you have a blog you’d like to see mentioned, or are interesting in guest posting on MTA, drop me a message at robertandrewdillon@gmail.com.

Russian Football News – A great collaboration of international writers on the Russian game, all with their own specialities. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the Russian scene, RFN is your best bet.

In Bed With Maradona – Every inch of the footballing world written passionately about, one of the best websites anywhere on the internet.

The Football Ramble – Blog and podcast of the highest quality. For those with a specific interest in Russia, James Appell is your man.

Slavic Football Union – Excellent collaboration of writers aiming to provide extensive coverage of the Eastern European game.

Futbolgrad – A superb site run by a team of experts, who cover all nations of the former Soviet Union in breathtaking detail.

The Inside Left – The home of in-depth, often personal accounts of the beautiful game from across the world.

Watch this space!


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