About MTA

Welcome to More Than Arshavin. My name is Rob Dillon, and I’m a football fanatic, student of Russian and aspiring journalist – all these combine to produce this blog, an exploration of Russian football and an outlet for my verbosity.

The aim of MTA, as the name might suggest, is to prove to anybody reading that there is far more to Russian football than its one-time poster boy, the occasional big money move overseas and the Champions League contenders. Russia is a vast nation, and contained within it are many stories – by following its football at all levels, I hope to scratch the surface and present my findings.

More Than Arshavin prides itself on delivering the side of the Russian game rarely heard about elsewhere. Whilst that doesn’t mean you won’t find articles about Zenit and Spartak – just because they’re big doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting – it does mean that I’ll also be blogging about people or teams you might never have heard of before, away from the media spotlight and yet equally fascinating. I’ll try to make things as accessible as possible – the Football Championship of the National League will remain the First Division, and I’ll stick to an Anglicised transliteration, so there’s no need to go away and learn Russian!

If you have any questions,comments, or indeed suggestions for future blogs, feel free to either comment here or contact me at robertandrewdillon@gmail.com – I’ll be happy to hear your feedback. Equally, I also write for a number of other websites (see the ‘Further Reading’ page for details), and am always open to offers from elsewhere. Whatever you think of the site, I’d love to hear from you, so just drop me an email.

Other than that, all that is to say is that I hope you enjoy your visit, and that you’ll come back again some time. MTA is also on Facebook and Twitter, so it’s easy to keep up to date with everything that’s going on. Thanks for dropping by – I hope you find something of interest!


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